This One Thing Greatly Improved My Marriage

Sorry to disappoint you, but no, this is not an article about anything sexual. That is a need that is too obvious when it comes to marriage. But this article is about the one thing that greatly improved my marriage. Maybe it’ll work for your relationship too.

I don’t know about you but life seems to get busier as I get older. Some days feel like a big fat blur ending with extreme exhaustion. Years are starting to fly by as quick as days. Most of the time I feel as though I can’t keep up.

In our house, we have somewhat of a routine. I guess. I mean we get up around the same time each day and go to bed around the same time each day. That is sort of a routine. But what happens in between the morning and the night is truly different each day because we’re starting a business.

About a year ago, when we were seriously making plans to open our business, we felt like our schedules were really getting out of hand. We barely saw each other. And when we did see each other, we were talking about business constantly.

Now that we’ve launched our business, our schedules have gotten even more crazy. We are running all over the state of New York to meet with clients. Don’t get me wrong, we love it. We are absolutely in heaven! But it can get out of hand if we let it.

In order to preserve our sanity and keep our marriage awesome, the one thing that we do religiously is keep a joint calendar. We keep one calendar on our refrigerator with both of our schedules on it including where we plan to be on what day, any appointments we have, birthdays for family and friends, days we plan to take off, fun gatherings, etc. It has been helpful at keeping our expectations on the same page which has greatly improved our marriage.

We like to keep a paper calendar on our refrigerator – that works for us. But if you prefer a digital version that would work too.

One of the main reasons I like the paper calendar is because if either of us plan to make a change to the calendar, it forces us to talk about the change first. It becomes obvious there was a change because something is scribbled out and replaced (we use pen on the calendar on purpose). If you use a digital calendar, it becomes easier for one person to make a change without talking with the other person first.

So there it is, the one thing that improved my marriage. Funny that it’s a joint paper calendar but it truly does work for us.

Not sure if you caught my previous post titled How To Achieve Your Goals but I definitely suggest you check it out to get a copy of our Weekly Planning Form. Using that form each week is the reason we finally launched our business after years of dreaming about it. If you have any dreams you’d like to achieve, stop dreaming about them and start making them a reality. Read our previous post and get our Weekly Planning Form.

One thought on “This One Thing Greatly Improved My Marriage

  1. Completely unexpected and yet it makes a ton of sense! When schedules get crazy it is easy for there to be a communication breakdown and without good communication, expectations can become a problem when the couple is not on the same page. Love this idea!

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