Gotta Get Away

It’s one of the best feelings on earth.

To be deep into the woods surrounded by nature, to smell the amazing trees, to feel the fresh air in your hair, to be completely free from human judgement.

No phone, no computer, no television, no technology of any kind. Nothing to influence you except your own mind.

To watch all the animals as they go on with their simple days, mainly focusing on finding food and shelter. Two of the most basic requirements of life.

I don’t know how and why everything got so complicated with everyday life but when I get into the woods it all fades away.

This blog post is short and sweet. It’s a simple reminder that every now and then we all gotta get away. If the woods isn’t your happy place, where is? The beach? Taking a road trip? The center of a city? On a boat?

Wherever it is, go there. Take time for yourself. Put your phone down. Bring your thoughts back to what makes you happy. I’ll say that one more time because it’s the most important part about getting away….Bring your thoughts back to what makes you happy. Concentrate on that and that alone.

Whenever you decide to return to everyday life from your happy place, you’ll feel refreshed and more productive.

2 thoughts on “Gotta Get Away

  1. So true. It is easy to get so caught up with the commitments of day to day life that sometimes it feels like you can’t make the time to get away, when in fact that is exactly when you need it the most.


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