One Night In A Tiny House Hotel

Anyone who knows me, knows I am obsessed with the tiny house movement. It’s a natural fit for me since I am a self-professed minimalist and I love to move from place to place.

My cousin, Rosa, has also caught the tiny house movement bug. She and her husband, Michael, took it a step further though. Instead of just loving the movement, they decided to go out there and test it out by staying one night in a tiny house hotel. They had an experience that they’ll never forget!

Before we jump into Rosa and Michael’s experience, let me clear up a few things.

What is a tiny house?

A tiny house is typically any home that is 500 square feet or less. Tiny houses can be built on a regular foundation or on wheels. Generally though, a tiny house built on wheels is about 300 square feet or less. When I say “tiny house” in this article, I’m referring to the ones on wheels.

Why do people live in them?

The tiny house movement has blown up over the past few years. People have all sorts of reasons as to why they choose to live that lifestyle. Here are a few of those reasons:

  • Affordability
  • Movability
  • Freedom
  • Work Less
  • Live Off The Grid
  • Simplistic Lifestyle
  • Own Less Stuff
  • Use As Vacation Travel Trailer

Where do you buy them?

Tiny house builders have been popping up all over the country. If you do a google search on “tiny house builder” you will have many options to choose from. One of the original tiny house builders is the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. They have a lot of great information about tiny houses on their website. They even offer workshops that will teach you how to build your own if you decide to do that.

If you plan to hire a builder to custom build your own, I suggest you take the time to look at the portfolios of different tiny house builders and speak with your favorite ones. You want to make sure they will build you what you want and be open to your ideas. Someday you may be able to buy one from Scalici Design LLC, the company that my husband, Simone, and I recently started. Simone is currently working with the Maple Shade, a bed and breakfast in Cooperstown, NY to add tiny houses to their list of accommodation options. I’ll be writing about that experience periodically in future articles.

If you decide to buy an existing tiny house, check out Tiny House Listings. You can search for your dream tiny house just as you’d search for your dream regular home on a site such as Zillow.

Tiny House Hotel

So, what the heck is a tiny house hotel? Picture it as a cross between a hotel and an RV park. It’s a place where a bunch of tiny houses form a community of sorts. And these hotels are starting to come alive across the United States. People stay in them for many reasons. Some for the experience, some for a hotel alternative, or some to test out whether or not they could actually live in one.

Rosa and Michael’s One Night In A Tiny House Hotel

As I mentioned before, Rosa (like me) is caught up in the excitement of the tiny house movement. She can see all the positives a lifestyle like this can bring – especially freedom! So, her stay in a tiny house hotel was not only for the experience but also to test out whether or not she’d actually like living in one.

September 2016 – Rosa and Michael were on an amazing, once in a lifetime adventure across the country and back again. They took each day as it came and saw as much as they could. During their time in Colorado, they decided to stay one night at WeeCasa, a tiny house hotel and dealer located in Lyons, Colorado. Here they are in front of their tiny house rental.


They rented WeeCasa 19 with a double loft. According to the reservation website, this unit was built by Sprout Tiny Homes in LaJunta, CO. The main level is 204 SF plus 2 sleeping lofts. It sleeps up to 5 Adults (2 queen-sized beds in 2 sleeping lofts, plus a fold-down sleeper couch on the main level). Sprout Tiny Homes dubbed their new 24-foot tiny home model, “The “Man Cave”. It features a double metal staircase to two sleeping lofts. Kitchenette features a microwave, double-burner induction cooktop, full-size fridge, plenty of kitchen cabinets, drawers, and pantry behind a sliding barn door. Bathroom includes a flush toilet, sink and stand up shower. Electric heat plus air conditioning.

Here’s a picture of the inside of their rental house.


As Rosa and Michael entered the tiny house they were immediately aware of how small it is compared to a normal sized home. It’s shocking at first if you’re entering one for the first time. But they were also extremely excited and impressed by the design.

Stuff They Liked:

  • Easy check in
  • Provided by WeeCasa: Towels, toilet paper, shampoo, conditioner, paper towels, dish soap, dish sponge, cooking supplies
  • Located close to town (Lyons, CO)
  • Price was similar to hotels
  • Cool tiny house community with picnic tables, fire pits, and ADK chairs
  • There were signs/instructions inside about the water and septic system
  • Windows in loft were nice
  • Open floor plan on main level
  • Full size refrigerator nice
  • Stove had 2 burners
  • Great kitchen counter space and counters
  • Clever space saving dish drying rack on the wall
  • Shelving built into the wall
  • Water temp and pressure was good

Stuff They Didn’t Like:

  • Stairs to loft were too steep
  • They’d prefer a 1st floor bedroom vs. lofts
  • Need blinds for privacy in windows
  • Farmhouse door to bathroom didn’t hide noise on either side
  • There was no dishwasher
  • Shower was too small

Overall, there were more things they did like than things they didn’t like.

When I asked Rosa how she felt about living in a tiny house full time, she was quick to say yes but she’d definitely choose to hire a tiny house builder and custom build her own. After having this experience in a tiny house for one night, she clearly knows what she would want and what she wouldn’t want in a full time tiny house.

All I know is, I hope she has a guest space for me!

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    > Andrea Scalici posted: “Anyone who knows me, knows I am obsessed with the > tiny house movement. It’s a natural fit for me since I am a self-professed > minimalist and I love to move from place to place. My cousin, Rosa, has > also caught the tiny house movement bug. She and her husb” >

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