Get Ready For Winter **Checklist**

Fall has been mild and wonderful. Make no mistake about it though…winter is coming!

We’ve been busy preparing for winter and I bet you have too. It’s crazy how many things need to be done before winter. Whether you own your own home or rent one, the list seems to be endless.

I wanted to make it easier on all of us so I prepared a checklist.

Download the Get Ready For Winter Checklist here. Print it and hang it up on your refrigerator until each box is checked.

Feel free to use it each year to make your life easier. I’ll also post it to the Learn section of this website in PDF format and post the text below.

Please let me know if I missed anything on the checklist by commenting below or by sending me an email. My email is


  • Clean up leaves and debris and mow lawn one last time
  • Clean gutters and make sure water will drain away from the house
  • Trim any tree limbs away from your roof and driveway
  • Drain gas from lawn mower and store it
  • Move outdoor items to a safe place or cover with a tarp if they’re staying outside –including hoses, furniture, toys, machinery, motorcycle, bicycles, etc.
  • Cover outdoor plumbing with protective winter covers
  • Seal any areas where animals or insects could get into the house
  • Convert windows and doors from screens to storms
  • Change any oil and gas in the snow blower, test it, and bring it to its winter location
  • Get your shovels and car brush/ice scraper ready


  • Make sure windows are closed tightly and locked
  • Install protective covering on windows if necessary
  • Hire a professional to service your furnace and clean out furnace vents
  • Program furnace according to your schedule
  • Change the furnace filter and place a reminder on calendar to change every 30 days
  • If there is a fireplace, get it cleaned out by a professional
  • Make sure furnace vents are open throughout the house
  • Seal any areas where animals or insects could get into the house
  • Responsibly remove any chemicals from the house that could harm your health while the house is tightly sealed for the winter
  • Pack and store any summer clothing and bring out and clean any winter clothing
  • Hire a snow removal company if necessary
  • Test any smoke and carbon monoxide alarms to make sure they’re working

I hope this list makes your life easier. Enjoy!

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