Have Fun Making Homemade Holiday Cards

On Thanksgiving Day, my Dad took out a huge binder full of cards. It was every single card my brother and I had ever given him since we were born.

My initial reaction was “OMG, throw those away already!”

But after looking through them, I can see why he kept them. Lots of memories in that binder.

He started showing them to me. At first, he showed me the ones I made as a little kid. They were homemade and absolutely hilarious but cute too. Then, as I got older, I noticed the cards were no longer homemade. They were store bought. And they were so much less special because of it.

I know I don’t have the time to make all my holiday cards, but this year my husband and I set out to make homemade cards for our niece and 2 nephews. It was so much fun for us and we think they came out great. Wanna see them?

Our smart and beautiful little niece is 1-1/2 years old and she will get the strong woman snowman card from us.


Our 2 active and adorable nephews are 5 years old and 2 years old and they will get the NY Giants football card from us.


It’s still early in the month. There’s still time. Do you have anyone special you want to make a card for? If you do, I absolutely think you should. It was a fun, family activity that my husband and I did together. And although our niece and 2 nephews are young, we think they’ll enjoy the cards. So…get out your craft materials and have fun making homemade holiday cards!

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