Tiny House Project

Travel. Adventure. Open Road. Freedom. Desire. Passion. Happiness.

These are the things I think of when I think about tiny houses.

After years of talking about it and months of planning…our first tiny house project begins!

My husband, Simone, and I have the trailer parked in front of our house. It’s enormous compared to the size of our front yard. You can’t miss it if you drive by our house. It’s the talk of the neighborhood.

Simone painted the trailer and has begun building the foundation. The exact layout is still being worked out but it will have one bedroom on the main level, one bathroom, a small kitchen, and a living room with pull out bed that also doubles as a dining room. Of course there will be tons of clever storage solutions throughout too.

We hope to have the tiny house completed by June of this year. It’s going to live on the property of a bed and breakfast located in Upstate NY where it will be available for rent.

We will share more updates on this project as it progresses!



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