Minimalist Fashion Challenge

I don’t know how it happened. So random. But I came across this amazing website Be More With Less created by Courtney Carver. Being a self-proclaimed minimalist myself I was immediately drawn into her website and now I’m excited to be on her mailing list.

She is all about alleviating stress from your life by living simple. She has great ideas on how to make your life better and they are all presented in a soft, non-pushy way.

Perhaps what’s she’s most known for is her minimalist fashion challenge called Project 333 that was featured in the March 2014 Issue of O, The Oprah Magazine.

On her website, she describes Project 333 as the minimalist fashion challenge that invites you to dress with 33 items or less for 3 months. Get all the details here.

Can you imagine how wonderful it would feel to get rid of all those clothes in your closet that you hate, never wear, or may have stains/rips/holes? If I went into my closet today and got rid of all the clothes that fit in this category, I’m not sure I’d have any left! Getting dressed for the day is one of the most frustrating moments of my entire day.

Imagine going to your closet and finding 33 items of clothes that you love, are excited to wear, and you know are flattering. 33 items may not sound like a lot but you can mix and match items and really have enough clothes to last weeks. Maybe Project 333 is the answer for me.

Because I just had a baby and am wearing maternity clothes, I know right now is not the right time for me to try this experiment. But as soon as I slim back down and start feeling myself again, I’m all over this. In the meantime, Courtney also offers a micro-course called Dress with Less and Create Your Capsule Wardrobe. I am thinking about signing up for that now so I can at least start to understand her process.

If you or anyone you know has participated in Project 333 or has read any of her books or taken any of her micro-courses, I’d love to hear your feedback. Please share!

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