Out With The Fat, In With The Lean

At the end of 2016 I paid $200 and took a course that taught me how to create my goals for 2017. I went through the course. Now, it’s April, and I have yet to plan my year. I think it’s time I do that now. Putting it in writing and sharing it with you will keep me even more accountable!

The main lesson I took away from the course is to have specific, measurable goals. For example, don’t say you want to lose weight. Say exactly how much weight you want to lose and how you plan to accomplish that.

The major theme in all of my goals is to cut out the “fat” in my life and bring in the “lean.” Both literally and figuratively.

2017 Goal #1:  Spend Quality Time With My Family

My son is almost 4 months old and it feels like he was just born yesterday. Time is flying by way too quickly. I feel overwhelmed when I think about how much wasteful time I spend during my day on dumb things. I need to reevaluate and make my daily processes more lean so I can spend more quality time with him and my husband.

Measure – Spend a minimum of 10 hours each week with my son. I must be fully present with him without the tv, phone, computer, or any other distraction.

Measure – Eat breakfast and dinner with my husband at least 5 times a week. I must be fully present with him without the tv, phone, computer, or any other distraction. And no talking about business!

2017 Goal #2:  Literally Get Rid Of The Fat

Over the past few years I’ve gained some weight. Last year I was pregnant which completely increased my weight gain. Time to reverse that trend!

My colleague at work went through the 21 Day Fix training program by Beachbody and got amazing results. She didn’t diet or take a crazy pill. She did it the old fashioned way. 21 Day Fix is all about exercise and eating right. Simple. On average, people lose 15 pounds in a 21 days. It worked for her and I know it will work for me too.

I recently invested in the program and today is day 3 of my first 21 days. Here are the things I love about it:

  • The exercises are a quick 30 minutes a day
  • I do the exercises from home
  • The trainer shows you how to do each exercise before you start each one
  • You don’t need a lot of equipment
  • There is a modifier doing the exercises “easier”
  • I don’t feel hungry all the time
  • The portion control eating containers take the guess work out of food
  • I love the app – so easy to keep track of everything
  • I have access to amazing recipes
  • I feel great already!

For me, this goal is the easiest to create a measurement.

Measure – Complete 4 cycles of 21 Day Fix and lose a minimum of 10 pounds during each cycle.

Goal #3:  Grow Our Business, Scalici Design LLC

In 2016, Simone and I started our business Scalici Design LLC. Right now the business focuses on design and carpentry. Simone has been working on many interesting theatrical scenery builds as well as residential projects.

In 2017, I’m expanding our business into real estate too. I’ve recently obtained my NYS Real Estate License (I was previously licensed when I lived in Washington State) and joined the Keller Williams Syracuse office as an Agent. I’m so excited to get back into real estate. I could do real estate and design everyday, all day and be happy as pie.

The cool thing about real estate is that even though I’m licensed in New York State, I can help anyone throughout the entire country. In NYS, I can help people buy and sell real estate. If you are not in NYS, I can help you too, just in a different way. I can interview agents for you and pair you up with a great real estate agent in your area. Finding the perfect agent just for you is harder than it sounds!

In order to grow the real estate portion of our business, I need to have a clear vision of what my goals are for 2017.

Measure – Help 5 families with their real estate goals.

KW Logo

If you know anyone that could use my help, email or call me!

Now It’s Your Turn

Have you set your goals for 2017? It’s never too late. Just remember to have specific, measurable goals.

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