Hello there. We are Simone and Andrea Scalici.

We’re just two people who’ve learned some pretty cool things over the years that we’ve used to start our dream business, improve our marriage, keep us sane & moving forward, and more. We share all that we’ve learned with you in Hello Simple Living, our blog about achieving wellness through productivity, time management, organization, design, and keeping things simple.

Who Is Simone?

  • Specialties: design, carpentry, keeping things simple
  • Has worked on many crazy projects including theatrical scenery construction, race car builds, commercial and residential construction, historical restoration
  • Is solution-oriented about everything, even the apocalypse
  • Has a bachelor’s degree in theatre design & technology
  • Extremely adaptable – Spent a month in the woods, took a motorcycle adventure across the country, would have no problem living in a car if he needed to

Who Is Andrea?

  • Specialities: time management, productivity, organization, design, keeping things simple
  • Has worked in several industries including investment banking, real estate, sales, marketing
  • Applies lean principles to everything, even packing for a trip
  • Has a bachelor’s degree in fashion merchandising and a master’s degree in business administration
  • Loves new experiences and moving around – she has lived in 6 states – Delaware, MA, New York, New Jersey, Washington, North Carolina

The Future

We recently launched our business, Scalici Design LLC, which focuses on custom design and carpentry. Our intention with this business is to bring happiness to others through design.

To go from dreaming about starting a business to actually doing it was a big step. We couldn’t have done it without sharp skills in productivity, time management, organization, design, and keeping things simple. We truly believe that these skills can help you achieve your goals in addition to bringing a new level of wellness to your life.

Our hope is that you use the information in this blog to make your dreams a reality while remaining healthy and well.