Weekly Planning Form

A dream is something you ARE NOT actively pursuing. A goal is something you ARE actively pursuing. Make your dream a reality by creating goals and celebrating your accomplishments each week. Download our Weekly Planning Form and tweak it to your needs.

For more information about this form, read our blog post How To Achieve Your Goals.

Personal Finance Spreadsheet

We’ve used the same personal budget spreadsheet for the past 10+ years and it’s worked for us. Just keep it simple. Get a copy of our Personal Finances Spreadsheet and personalize it to your needs today. There are a few examples already on there for you.

For more information about this form, read our blog post Create A Simple Personal Budget.

Net Worth Spreadsheet

No matter how financially secure or insecure you feel, the number one most important thing to know is your net worth. Don’t know where to start? Let me help. I put together a sample Net Worth spreadsheet that you can personalize to your specific situation. The sample situations I added to this spreadsheet are examples only. You will need to add and delete items to fit your situation.

For more information about this spreadsheet, read our blog post Do You Know Your Net Worth?

Get Ready For Winter Checklist

Whether you own your own home or rent one, the list of things to do before winter seems to be endless. Download the Get Ready For Winter Checklist here. Print it and hang it up on your refrigerator until each box is checked. Feel free to use it each year to make your life easier.

For more information about this list, read our blog post Get Ready For Winter **Checklist**.